Get Involved

3  Steps to World Animal Day

One thing is certain, once you decide that you want to hold an event for World Animal Day, the months will pass like days! So it’s important to create your plans early.  Before you do anything, please take some time to wander around this website. Check out some of the activities that groups have undertaken around the world in previous years. Note down any particular ideas that you like and may wish to use for your World Animal Day event.

Step 1
   Get an idea – Not sure how to get involved? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of ideas to start you thinking!
Step 2
   Get organized – Suggested guidelines to help you plan for a successful World Animal Day.
Step 3
   Get publicity -

  1. Add your event to the Online Global Diary.  Click on link or click on the green '+Add Event' buttons which are on the 'Home' and 'Events' pages. It’s quick and easy – just follow the simple steps but you need to be a member of the website first. Click here to register as a member 
    You can amend your entry at any time and, after the event has taken place you can update it with a report about how it went and add a selection of images.
  2. Send a press release to local newspapers, radio stations, clubs, community groups, and anyone else you can think of who will be able to help you publicise your event.
  3. Try to secure media interviews and editorial in newspapers to talk about World Animal Day and its Mission.
  4. Contact the editor of community newsletters and ask them to include information about your event.
  5. Finally, please make sure you include the World Animal Day logo at every opportunity during the promotion of your World Animal Day event - you'll find it in 'Resources'.
  6. Don't forget to take photographs during your World Animal Day event and upload them with a short report as soon as you can after your event has taken place to show the world what you have achieved for the animals and inspire others.