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Every Pledge Makes A Difference.  What Will Yours Be?

Pledge Board

I pledge I will never own a wild animal and will foster cats from animal humane society

- 2016-09-27

Contact with - lionlover901@gmail.com

Morgan Gray,  Minneapolis,  United States 

I pledge to raise awareness to the importance of the role played by each and every animal not only in our lives but also world widely. - 2016-09-27

Contact with - marciadaniele@gmail.com

Marcia Cunha,  Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil 

This year my pledge is  to save as many animals as possible in Egypt - not only dogs and cats but also Zoo animals,Circus animals, wild animals, stray animals and animals sold in pet shops. This is a huge pledge and  I know that only the passing of a law to protect ALL animals will allow me to do that . An organization like S.P.A.R.E (my organization) can help few hundreds of animals every year but a law can save all the animals for ever . I decided this year to use the Model Animal  Welfare Act that has been given to me by 2 great animal lawyer and activists Janice H. Cox and Dr. iur. Sabine Lennekh. Both gave me the authorization to use this fabulous Act, translate it to Arabic and submit to the Egyptian Government. This WAD 2016 I will submit the Act to the Prime Minister of the  Women's  Government of Egypt,  Dr Ghada Al Wakil  and she will submit it to the Government. I know that a good law if respected will save much more animals than a million shelters can do.

Contact with - aminaspare@gmail.com

Amina Abaza,  Egypt 

I pledge my support to help and defend animals  right in Ghana, Africa and the world at large and to contribute my knowlegde, skills and capabilitiies to this worthy course - 2016-09-23

Contact with - charnor2@gmail.com

Society for the Welfare of Animals - Ghana,  ACCRA,  Ghana 

I pledge to help World Animal Day movement fulfi its Mission through sharing and celebrating the beauty of the human-animal bond.  My actions will, hopefully, increase awareness and aid education by sharing the immeasurable benefits and rewards to be found when treating co-sentient beings with respect!  Together, we CAN make a difference... driving change and making this world a better place for our animals. - 2016-09-19

Contact with - karen.lindsey@klc-uk.com

Karen Lindsey,  Hampshire,  United Kingdom 

I pledge to continue to create awareness about animal issues around the globe through my television show,  "A Close-Up Look at Animal Welfare Issues."  I will continue to utilize other television, radio, and social media platforms to raise awareness of the plight of animals.   I pledge to continually use my website AnimalWelfareIssues.com as a platform to further help animals.  I am dedicated to this cause and will help educate others to celebrate and appreciate animals and not to hurt them.  This is in my DNA to do this work.  Animals need all of us to work together for the greater good.   #AllAnimalsLivesMatter! - 2016-09-15

Contact with - tevangelistaepp@yahoo.com

Evangelista-Eppenstein Tina ,  Pennsylvania,  United States 

I pledge to spread awareness to the populace about animals, their rights and how important it is for them to be in our eco system. - 2016-09-09

Contact with - pursnaniprerna@gmail.com

Prerna Pursnani,  Bengaluru,  India 

I pledge to make an extra effort to support animals by reaching out to friends and colleagues and clients about this important campaign. - 2016-09-06

Contact with - nayc@hotmail.com

Naomi coleman,  Borehamwood,  United Kingdom 

As a vegan and animal advocate for many years, I pledge to continue to educate every person that I meet to the vegan way of life. I have fought for animal rights for many years, and will continue to do so. - 2016-08-30

Contact with - kathryncaldwell@hotmail.com

Animal Rigts Advocates of Upstate NY,  Rochester, New York,  United States 

I pledge to continue to spread the word about the ridiculously lacking laws in Canada regarding animal welfare/rights.  I currently write to my MP, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Agriculture, as well as our Prime Minister, regularly in an effort to open their eyes (and hearts) to the truth. - 2016-08-15

Contact with - jackyz@myaccess.ca

Jacky Zalopski,  Regina,  Canada 

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