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ADDA-BOLIVIA rescues 2 dogs from daily beatings

Two young dogs were systematically beaten for almost two years in Cochabamba until a kind citizen did the right thing!
Every day at 7am and 5pm, a man tortured these two innocent, defenseless dogs by beating them with sticks and kicking them. Neighbours knew what was going on but were frightened of what the man might do if they reported him.  Finally, one of the neighbours could no longer bear it.  He took video of the man beating the dogs in which their screams of terror could clearly be heard and took it to the police.
The police contacted ADDA-BOLIVIA and, in coordination with the Zoonosis Unit, the two dogs were finally rescued from the hell in which they had existed for far too long. They were badly bruised, wounded, malnourished and have many health problems. The man responsible has been fined and banned from owning or taking care of animals for life. Upon sentencing, the disturbing video footage was shown on the local news and now everyone knows the atrocities this person is cabable of inflicting upon man’s best friend.
The police have placed the dogs in the care of ADDA-BOLIVIA who are working with the Zoonosis vets to treat and rehabilate the pair. The black dog (Negrito) is a Doberman cross and the white dog (Blanquita) is a pit bull type. 
Liliana Téllez Flor, President of ADDA-BOLIVIA and World Animal Day Ambassador says:

I have seen them run and to my joy when I entered their enclosure, they hugged me. I don’t care about the threats of the evil man towards me because I do the work that God entrusted to me.

Confiscation by ADDA-BOLIVIA:
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