After the event

Many individuals and organisations participate in World Animal Day on an annual basis, and their commitment is appreciated.

Your first event might not go exactly according to plan, but don’t let that discourage you from taking part again next year.

This time, you’ll gain valuable experience and resources. You’ll also make contacts that will help make it run more smoothly next time.

A few points to consider:

  • After your event has taken place, don’t forget to update your event information on the World Animal Day website by adding a report to tell the world how successful your event was! You can also upload some fabulous images and videos. People from all around the world visit this website, so make the most of this valuable free advertisement… let's show them what you’ve achieved!
  • Share updates on your social media platforms and website, letting your audience know how well your event went.
  • If applicable, work out your profits and pass them on the recipient charity as soon as possible after the event. You could ask the local press to cover this with a photograph of you handing over the cheque. Don’t forget to tell them that your event was especially for World Animal Day.
  • Make sure your attendees know how much money you raised and, if your chosen charity sends a letter of thanks, share it with them.
  • Make sure that any special equipment that has been borrowed or hired for the event is returned, clean and in working order, as soon as possible.
  • Following any project, it is always very useful to look back and give yourself an honest assessment of your event. Write a short report reflecting on both the good and not so good, noting down what changes or improvements to make for the next time.
  • If your event was large, with many volunteers, ask for their feedback and suggestions, either through a debrief meeting, or by email. If you think they would prefer to respond anonymously, provide them with a short questionnaire or comment cards.
  • Send a timely letter of thanks to the venue, speakers, special supporters, sponsors, VIP visitors, individuals/companies that loaned or donated services or equipment etc. Make sure they know how valuable their support has been and what this will mean to animals.
  • Don’t forget to give yourself and all your team a pat on the back – after all, you did it! You got involved for the animals – you got involved for World Animal Day!
  • Finally… start making plans for next year!

Together, we WILL make animal welfare the priority it deserves to be!