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Aleksandra Kovac, Songwriter, film and music producer

Aleksandra Kovac is one of Serbia’s most appreciated songwriters, film and music producer. In addition to scoring the 2015 BAFTA Scotland New Talent award nominated short “Separate lives”, she is also the first MTV award winner in the history of her country, as well as a bestselling artist and songwriter. Aleksandra ran her own animal shelter from 2005 – 2009 and found forever homes for the animals she rescued. Now she supports people who are caring for and rehoming animals. 

Aleksandra says: “World Animal Day is such an important reminder that we, humans, have a huge responsibility towards all animals, domesticated and wild, and need to work towards saving them, caring for them and giving them the rights they so desperately need and deserve. I, for one, fight for them every chance I get and try to inspire others to do the same, especially young people who can make a tremendous change in this world.” 

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