Mission: To save as many animals as we can from despair in countries where animal welfare education, rights and resources are most deficient.

Vision: A more responsible and accountable society where animal rights are protected and upheld by law. Goal: To help people see animal welfare with new eyes, so they can become the driving force behind the societal change.

We Will Not Stop Until:

  • The rights of all animals are respected, protected, and upheld by effective legislation.
  • All companion animals have a home where they live a dignified life, free from abuse and neglect.
  • Overcrowded animal shelters where animals suffer in atrocious conditions are outlawed.
  • The number of wild animals in captivity is reduced to the minimum and, along with the private ownership of wild exotic animals, is heavily regulated.
  • Baiting stations, animal circuses, travelling zoos and dolphinaria are banned.

Currently we are focused on improving animal welfare standards throughout the former Soviet countries – the world’s biggest territory overlooked by most organizations.

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