Hannele has been a member of Helsinki Humane Society HESY for nearly 50 years and the chairperson of the board for more than 30 years until the year 2020. Helsinki Humane Society was founded in 1874 and is a pioneering organisation for the protection of animals in Finland.  Since it started, the society has worked to help animals in need and to defend animal rights.

In 2021 Hannele established, with four other animal lovers, the Society for the Right of Cats. The society´s purpose is to promote the importance and value of cats to people and the whole society. The Society for the Right of Cats to promote the rights of cats to species-specific behaviour and bring out latest science-based knowledge of cats in our website Kissojenoikeudet.fi and in the Facebook-site Kissojenoikeudet. The society has actively participated in timely debates of cat´s rights in Finland, with the main focus on understanding natural and species-specific need of cats. In Finland there is currently a vast opposition for allowing cats to move outdoors. The society defends the rights of cats to also move outdoors, with the condition that the owner takes good care of the cat.

In 2017 Hannele established a special CatMuseum to increase the status of cats. In the museum there is a collection of more than 10,000 articles of cats: for example figures, dishes, jewellery, cosmetics, toys, books, clothes… In the connection with the CatMuseum there is also a Charity Second Hand Shop. Every month the whole turnover will be donated to help cats in need in different countries. In the year 2022 they helped stray cats in Finland, Romania, Estonia, Turkey and Ukraine with total sum of 12,000 euros. In 2023 from January to October the amount of donations is already more than 15,000 euros.

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