In 2007, we launched our voluntary Ambassador programme and began on the journey to appoint at least one in every country.

We currently have a team of 93 Ambassadors representing 73 countries around the globe.

We are very proud of our voluntary Ambassadors who are actively introducing World Animal Day in many countries around the world, connecting millions of animal advocates and successfully uniting the animal welfare movement in celebration of this special day.

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 Many Ambassadors have said that since their appointment they’ve found it much easier to gain political and media attention for animal issues. 


We are frequently approached by animal advocates offering their services as a voluntary Ambassador, which is yet another strong endorsement of the fact that the power held by World Animal Day is widely recognised.

We welcome new Ambassadors to our team on a regular basis – all keen to be part of this global movement to bring about change for animals.

The World Animal Day movement has already brought about a significant and lasting contribution towards advancing animal welfare standards and, with the help and support of our Ambassadors, its influence will continue to grow.

World Animal Day Ambassadors by Country