Aims / Mission Statement:

KAPCA was established in 1999.  The organisation carries out its work from its base in the city of Busan, the 2nd largest city in the province of Kyungnam. KAPCA is registered as an animal protection NGO. Image right: Humane education for the younger generation.

Overview Of Activities:

So far, our organization has worked continuously rescuing and caring for abandoned animals, promoted pet adoption, campaigned against: the eating of doga; wearing of fur and animal testing. We also campaign collect petition signatures seeking the revision of animal protection legislation, conduct awareness programmes promoting responsible pet ownership, and operate TRN for alley cats. 

Campain of anti eating dog

In addition, we support 7 shelters for abandoned animals in Busan and Kyugnam province and encourage volunteers to get involved. For TRN, we have completed 4 years with the cooperation of Busan city authorities and promoted responsible pet ownership through regular training seminars. KAPCA has several affiliated organizations such as groups for teenagers and university students and a 'Watchdog' committee for animal protection.

Image right: Anti dog eating campaign.

volunteering for building up the shelter for abandoned animals_

Recently, we have achieved great results among animal protection organizations bringing up and reporting illegal acts including dog butchering, dog meat and eradication of Gupo dog market.

Image right: volunteers helping with building work at the shelter

However, due to poor surrounding and awareness for animal protection in Korea, our organization has been performing with membership fee and volunteering without financial support from the government. 

It's still difficult situation that all life in the earth coexist peacefully but our organization is consisted of people do not disregard the pain of little creature and fulfil little actions to improve the world beautifully. 


Training for ‘Watchdog’ Animal Protection Committee:

Illegal butchery of dogs at Gupo dog market:

Murder of Alley Cat:

Sasang Pet Dog Festival:

Promoting responsible pet olwnership:

Volunteers helping out at shelter: