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Aims / Mission Statement:

The mission of Humane Society Moldova is to promote a humane attitude towards animals, combat cruelty and contribute to improving animal welfare standards.

At the moment our priorities are:

  • reducing the number of stray animals by sterilisation
  • promoting animal protection legislation
  • encouraging responsible pet ownership such as: raising public awareness about the benefits of microchipping pets, pet registration, spay/neuter 

Overview Of Activities:

On 15 August 2020, with the cooperation of veterinary clinics, we sterilised 80 female stray cats for free in honour of International Homeless Animals Day.

On 24 and 27 February 2021, we worked with Naturewatch Foundation's Campaign Manager, Mark Randell, to organise two webinars: One step from cruelty against animals to crime against people. 

Aside from organising events, I perform a variety of voluntary tasks to help improve the welfare of animals in Moldova. For example: promoting/sharing on social media, informing people about important news, answering the messages that we receive on our Humane Society Moldova page, raising awareness about the law relating to pets and stray animals, explaining to people about how they can help reduce the number of stray animals in a humane way, coordinating and organising meetings, chat-groups, recruiting volunteers, moderating the sites, attend international webinars/seminars with the aim of implementing some of the ideas ;in Moldova.

I also carry out official correspondence with our institutions and local partners, carry out the correspondence with international partners on behalf of Humane Society Moldova, file complaints with the police, and other institutions, regarding animal cruelty cases. 

When I became involved in animal welfare activism, I launched a Facebook campaign “Adopt Don't Shop”. I also respond to people’s requests on behalf of SCPA (Society for the Control and Protection of Animals). SCPA is a governmental organization and it's the official and lawful voice for animals in Moldova. All the projects and events organised by Humane Society Moldova are in strong collaboration with SCPA.

Details Of Activities:

February 2021 online seminars for the police and animal advocates held in collaboration with Naturewatch Foundation:One step from cruelty against animals to crime against people.
Spaying stray cats to mark International Homeless Animals Day