Aims / Mission Statement:

To preserve the natural environment; to promote and defend ecological principles from the moral, spiritual, scientific and economic point of view; to create the civic conscience for a sustainable development; to respect the rights of animals; to protect the animals and to fight against cruelty to animals. Registered Charity Number 14920956

Overview Of Activities:

The organisation was established in 2002 by co-founders Carmen Milobendzchi and Roxana Macovicius. In May 2003 we began to build an animal shelter on 3000 square metres of land in the outskirts of the city of Bucharest. Photo right: Shelter in Summer

Our shelter is home to 210 stray dogs and 70 homeless cats. The animals we have rescued all receive necessary veterinary attention including vaccinations, treatment for worm and flea treatment, sterilisation and socialisation as well the food they need to keep them fit and healthy. We do our best to provide them with a less stressful life while assessing them prior to finding them new loving homes.

Photo left: Roxi (co-founder) socialising with the dogs

We manage a TNR program for the dogs/cats of the community of Popesti-Leordeni, in the outskirts of of Bucharest, where our shelter is located.

In 2004 we signed a protocol with the Mayor of Popesti-Leordeni for TNR for cats and dogs. After  two years, during which time it was acknowledged that we’ve sterilised 500 dogs each year for the benefit of the community, the Mayor asked us to cooperate with the local authority to solve the stray animal problem in the town.

We also conduct educational programs for children, promoting respect towards animals and the environment. We have volunteers who regularly visits schools in the city to work with children betwen the age of 7 and 10 years old.

Photo right: TNR Dog Programme (Trap, Neuter & Return)

Kittens rescued and fostered by our young volunteers

TNR Cat Programme using volunteer transport

Friendship and care at our shelter

Dog awaiting adoption