Organisation Logo

Aims / Mission Statement:

To work with Government, Institutions, Partners, Civil Society Organizations and Communities to ensure the welfare of animals and environmental protection. 

Overview Of Activities:

Based on our mission, we have carried out many activities to protect the welfare of animals in Cameroon. 

In 2013 we organized a seminar themed 'Nature for Animals' to educate hunters about alternative and sustainable means of income. Since then, we have been organizing educational campaigns to advance animal welfare standards in Cameroon.

We have also treated/vaccinated over 600 stray and owned dogs and cats in communities. Recently, we launched forest conservation in the Chomba village with the goal to restore habitat for wild species and to move communities towards getting involved in forest conservation. Over 3000 trees have been planted. We have also trained 10 youths from the Chomba village on tree planting and monitoring.