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Aims / Mission Statement:

That it is a moral obligation that all animals, whether domesticated or wild, be protected from cruelty at the hands of man.

Details Of Activities:

We run the world’s oldest TNR programme for street dogs. The Animal Birth Control / Anti Rabies programme (or ABC programme) has resulted in a massive reduction in the number of dogs on the street and has made Chennai the first metro in India to be declared rabies-free.

The Blue Cross also runs a round-the-clock ambulance service; shelters and clinics; educational programmes and animal assisted therapy programmes. All services of the Blue Cross of India are free of charge.


Blue Cross ABC programme in action         Blue Cros Vet attends to injured cat

 Chennai Corporation Commissioner Rajesh Lakhoni’s visit to Blue Cross Shelter

These pups were lucky to be found alive!


Dr Moosa (black labrador) and Dr Jumble (right) play a major role in the Blue Cross therapy programmes


These photographs and those below were taken at the ‘Well Dog Show’ where high standards of pet care were recognised and rewarded with wonderful trophies and prizes.




These strays were lucky enough to be rescued by the Blue Cross who treated them and gave them the love and care they desperately needed. The little guy below right keeps an eye on the office staff!


Some of the animals being cared for by the Blue Cross