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Aims / Mission Statement:

The society's mission is to promote kindness towards, prevent cruelty to, and alleviate suffering of animals in Taiwan by all legal means.

Overview Of Activities:


The Taiwan SPCA was founded in the summer of 2009 by a group of individuals who all came from various countries with different backgrounds. However, one thing they all had in common was a passion and concern for animals. Image right: SPCA co-founders with board members and supervisors.

The four main pillars of focus for the Taiwan SPCA are as follows:

1) Educating – about respect and care for life. Teaching about the current status of not only Taiwanese, but global animal welfare issues is one of the most important steps to changing our society’s opinions and actions. The Taiwan SPCA works closely with many schools and learning centers and participates in seminars and symposiums.  Image left: SPCA’s education program

2) Campaigning – for changes in society. In order to make drastic changes in the way people think, we must reach out to them in effective ways. The Taiwan SPCA is supported by and cooperates with sports teams, clubs, celebrity artists, and radio/television personalities in order to create a more positive and visible public image. A recent success was the signing of a petition that helped towards the banning of all gin traps in Taiwan.

3) Investigating – situations of abuse. When there are such cases of animals in neglectful, stressful, and/or dangerous situations, the TSPCA does our best to investigate, rescue, and work with the police and government animal protection office to save these animals from harm. Detailed accounts and accumulation of evidence are all part of our work and we provide the information to government officials to help further the prosecution of the perpetrators involved.  Image right: SPCA on a suspected animal abuse case.

4) Protecting – our fellow creatures. The Taiwan SPCA provides veterinary care for its animals, which include vaccinations, de-sexing, parasite medication, and treatment for diseases and injuries. Many animals that have been in very harmful or abusive situations require extensive surgery and/or long term therapy and we continue to provide them with the best care we can with the belief that every animal deserves the right or chance to be healthy.

Most rescued animals have also suffered some form of psychological trauma and emotional abuse from their ordeals.  Image left: SPCA volunteer rescuing kittens.

Currently, the Taiwan SPCA works with mostly companion animals, however we plan on expanding our work in the near future to protecting other animals in need, such as farm animals and wildlife.Our care officers and trainers work to rebuild their trust in people and help them regain a sense of security, which also prepares them for re-homing later on. Our adoptions and fostering program aim to find temporary and permanent homes for strays around Taiwan. Recently, the Taiwan SPCA opened up an Adoptions Corner within a pet store, which has helped to increase the visibility and adoption rate of our animals.  Image above right: SPCA volunteers help with TNR

Image left: SPCA event ambassadors educating the crowd during half-time