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Aims / Mission Statement:

To provide free veterinary services for working animals owned by poor families whose livelihoods are dependent upon their animals being fit and healthy. To provide assistance in the preparation of educational programs concerning the welfare of animals and the environment. This includes within the school educational curriculum, in order to raise awareness of these important issues in the next generation. To protect wild animals, improve their welfare and protect their environment.

Details Of Activities:

Animal Protection Project SPANA is considered one of the important projects in Syria. It was established in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Al-Baath University in Hama, following an agreement between SPANA London and Al Baath University in 1994.

The project covers three fields:

  1. Veterinary Services;
  2. Educational Programme;
  3. Wildlife Protection.

Veterinary Services

  • Training about 500 students annually from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & the Institute of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Providing free basic veterinary first aid, for the working animals of poor people, through 4 mobile veterinary clinics equipped with veterinarians , assistants and veterinary drugs. The livelihood of these people is dependant upon their working animals remaining in good health in order to cultivate their farms.
  • SPANA treats the pet animals that are brought to its veterinary clinic in the faculty such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc.
  • Free vaccinations are availabe to pet dogs and cats brought to the SPANA veterinary clinic.
  • In cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Syrian Veterinary Medical Association, we also hold training courses on the diseases and treatment of equines.

Educational Field

  • SPANA works in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, the Syrian Womens Union and the Fund for Integrated Rural Development of Syria (FIRDOS), in preparing educational programs and training courses concerned with environmental education and, in schools, introducing the concept of protecting and caring for animals to develop new generation awareness of the environmental problems in Syria.
  • SPANA educational materials. We have published 16 stories for children in order to raise their awareness of environmental and animals issues. We have also published a number of educational books about wildlife and the environment.
  • We run regular training courses for women in rural areas to create awareness of animal welfare and environmental issues.

Wildlife Protection

  • In collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, we work to protect wild animals and improve their welfare and to prevent the deterioration of the Syrian environment.
  • We work to protect the country’s wildlife by providing information about Syrian Biodiversity with special references to the animals that currently exist in Syria; endangered species; and animals that are now extinct. We work to protect animals that are under threat of becoming extinct by putting procedures in place to protect them.



In June 2008, SPANA hosted an international conference on Animals in the Old Syrian Civilizations.  The conference was held at the Al Baath University in co-operation with the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums. The conference attracted speakers and delegates from many countries.