Aims / Mission Statement:

To provide Costa Rica with an international fundraising organization capable of making a difference on animal rights issues, animal reproduction, animal care education and legal policies. To fund existing efforts in Costa Rica and reinforce the ideology of animal rights and education.

Overview Of Activities:

This is accomplished by developing fundraising concepts and funding spay and neuter clinics, educational seminars representing the ideas, values, morals, and ethics we instill in animal welfare, never forgetting the power of communication and the importance it plays in being a well run organization.  


As President of SASY!, I manage and organize all the SASY! spay/neuter clinics throughout Costa Rica, even in the worst and most dangerous areas. As a young girl I used to pick up stray animals from the streets of Costa Rica and realized from an early age that my goal in life was to help make the world a better place for animals. I started volunteering for Last Chance for Animals (LCA) in Los Angeles, California, while studying at UCLA. There I met Chris DeRose, an animal rights activist, who showed me the world of animal cruelty and the fight against it. Upon my return to Costa Rica, I began to organize low cost spay/neuter clinics in poor areas throughout the country. I helped start SASY! after responding to a cruelty case with Francesca Radics de Solomon. I am passionate about the humane treatment of animals therefore I rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for dogs and cats as well as organizing spay/neuter clinics.

Image above: This is a typical dog collected by SASY! to be treated, spayed and returned to its poor owners. In these situations, SASY! also provides free medication as required, dewormers, food etc.

Before and after images below: