Aims / Mission Statement:

To reduce or even better, stop animal cruelty! CATCA is an animal rights, animal welfare and animal conservation organization.

Overview Of Activities:

CATCA has been working since 1989 to stop animal cruelty around the world. We've organized a wide variety of campaigns that range from local "blood fiestas" in various towns throughout Spain, "Farra do boi" and "Farrinhas" in Brazil (torture of bulls/calves or donkeys), bullfights, circuses, laboratory animals, industrial farms, rodeos, fur industry, seal hunt (Canada, Russia and South Africa), whaling, zoos and aquariums, Taiji/Futo annual dolphin slaughter, elephants and rhino poaching, illegal trade of wild animals, dissection, vivisection, animal transportation, bear bile farms, bear baitings, the Faroe islands whale slaughter, bush meat, campaigns for animal welfare, to promote sterilization for pets and more.

Our main campaign has been against the seal hunt in Canada, followed by anti bullfighting, whaling and poaching of elephants in Africa. In 2007, I spearheaded an international seal campaign lobbying the European Union and coordinated the efforts of 16 national organizations on two continents. My high level lobbying with the European governments played a major role in achieving the EU ban on the import trade of seal products. In the last couple of years, we have been exposing the internet trade of wildlife at the highest level of animal conservation.

In recent years, CATCA has celebrated World Animal Day in Holland, Mexico and Canada, organizing educational tables in busy streets.

We can't summarize all that we do in a few lines, so please visit our website: for more information and a list of recent achievements.

Ericka-Canada WAD Ambassador ParliamentNational press conference at Swedish parliament during EU Seal Ban campaign





Annual anti-seal hunt demo rally in Vancouver