Education and Awareness Officer 

    • Mobile No:+254 (0)723 794358 

    • Telephone :+254 (02) 6006510 

    • Organisation :Africa Network for Animal Welfare 

    • Address :Suite 2, 1st Floor, Westend Place Building, Access to The School of the Blind, off Mai Mahiu Road P.O Box 3731 – 00506, NAIROBI 

Organisation Logo

Aims / Mission Statement:

Vision: Africa’s communities and governments showing compassion, protection and care for all animals

Mission: We work with communities, governments, partners and other stakeholders across Africa promoting humane treatment of all animals.

Overview Of Activities:

EuniceANAW works with governments, communities and other stakeholders to address issues related to animal welfare. This includes anti-rabies vaccination campaigns, routine de-snaring of animal habitats, and rescuing animals in distress.

The organization sends out teams to search, identify and remove snares from game reserves and private ranches. We also focus on alternatives to use of animals in harmful experiments, education, training and research, disaster management/emergency response, spay/neuter as well as anti-rabies vaccination campaigns undertaken to control dog population.

We also seek to lobby for review, formulation and implementation of policies and legislations geared towards the conservation and better management of wildlife in Kenya and the region. We partner with stakeholders to raise awareness on animal welfare practices among local people to encourage them to participate in local and national efforts against cruelty to animals among other issues. This helps to reduce conflicts between humans and animals and reduce prevalence of all forms of cruelty and persecution of animals in society.

Details Of Activities:

Spay & Neuter to reduce dog population in Naivasha

Spay/neuter clinic to reduce dog population in Naivasha.

Tree planting to raise awareness of conservation and animal welfare.

Tree planting to raise awareness of conservation and animal welfare.