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Aims / Mission Statement:

The non profit organization Grupo Caridad was founded in 2006 by a group of people who wanted to improve animal welfare standards in Perú, Latin-America. Here in Perú many cruel blood sports take place such as bull-fighting, cock-fighting, and other traditional spectacles that harm animals. Also, as we are a very poor country with low education standards, many people have more pets than they can afford to look after properly. Consequently, there are millions of abandoned dogs and cats in our capital, Lima, and in each province. Of course, as in many parts of the world, our education system promotes 'speciesism' so most people view animals as objects or property and not as sentients beings. Luckily our group has many members who are concerned about the rights of animals and we are working very hard to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and to change the way Peruvians think about animals.

Details Of Activities:

2006 – In this our first year, our principal achievements were our intensive humane education programme and our adoption campaign.

  • We organized our first march to promote the adoption of animals which was attended by more than 150 people.
  • We began a humane education campaign and distributed more than 75,000 flyers about adoption and the benefits of spay/neuter.
  • We started a campaign to promote dogs of mixed breeding as they are very often disciminated against.
  • We brought aid to a local shelter in the form of food for the animals.
  • Our campaign was successful resulting in more than 150 dogs being adopted from local shelters.

2007 – In 2007 more than 1200 animals were helped by the Grupo Caridad – Perú.

  • We rescued 42 animals from cruelty and found them new homes.
  • We held a protest outside the most successful pet shop in Lima, ‘Pet House’.
  • We funded vaccines for a very poor dog shelter in Lima.
  • We spayed/neutered more than 300 animals for free.
  • As part of our humane education programme we sent more than 150 packages to animal welfarists to enable them to help raise awareness of animal exploitation.
  • We distributed 200,000 flyers about adoption and the benefits of spay/neuter.
  • We organized a large garage sale with all proceeds ($650) being donated to benefit 75 dogs at a local shelter.
  • We organized a lottery for a local shelter and raised more than $400.
  • We attended many cases of animal neglect/cruelty.
  • We participated in a march against the use of animals in circuses, several marches against bullfighting, and cruelty to domestic animals.
  • Thanks to the Humane Society International, we brought aid to more than 467 animals after the earthquake happened in Ica-Perú in August.

We need support to improve spay/neuter and humane education programmes. We would also like to have a shelter of our own. Peru’s animals need our help.