Aims / Mission Statement:

To bring animal groups, organisations and animal lovers from all over New Zealand together to celebrate and promote their love of animals; to support animal welfare through advocacy; to promote responsible animal care; to promote animal awareness to the public throughout New Zealand; and to promote World Animal Day through World Animal Day Challenge NZ.

Overview Of Activities:

I am excited to take part in World Animal Day and represent New Zealand as a WAD Ambassador. I see this as an wonderful opportunity to work behind the scenes and encourage animal welfare groups, organisations, animal clubs and animal lovers from throughout New Zealand to become involved and find special ways to celebrate their love for the animals in their lives and their work on 4 October.

My own special journey with animals ultimately led me to work for SPCA Canterbury. I grew up with animals in my family - mostly cats and dogs. As a child, I saved hungry hedgehogs, injured birds, rogue rabbits, stroppy sheep and whatever else that needed help. As a teenager, I spent most of my days riding horses along the southern shores of Southland, NZ.

Throughout my life, I have learnt the value of having an animal as a friend – from a paw planted playfully on my chest and a wet nose kiss to a slobbery tongue on the back of my leg and a furry head gently resting on my knee.

As a sometimes solitary writer based from home, I have often had inspiration from a cat purring at my keyboard and a dog snoring at my feet. And as many freelance writers will know, these furry writers’ companions not only bring energy to a writer’s words but, at times, also complete and utter distraction to their focus…