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Aims / Mission Statement:

Helsinki Humane Society's s aim is to protect all animals according to the available resources. Although the most important activity is to rescue homeless animals, the society also consults in questions regarding animal protection and animal keeping. The society also steps in and prevents cases of animal cruelty. The society opposes mistreatment of animals, especially the mass rearing of animals, fur farming, hunting, animal testing, circuses etc.

Details Of Activities:

Helsinki Humane Society is the pioneer for the protection of animals in Finland.  The society’s founding meeting was held on November 25, 1874 by Zacharias Topelius and several other significant persons of that time.  Since then, the society has worked to help animals in need and to defend animal rights.

During the past 30 years we have taken care of approx. 30,000 homeless animals and found new homes for them.  We save about 500 abandoned animals each year – mainly cats, but also dogs, rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, birds, land and sea turtles – and we provide them with a new and better life. The society operates as a municipal shelter for lost and abandoned companion animals and also takes in a great number of cat and dogs whose owners are unable to take care of them due to changes in their circumstances.

Our veterinary clinic is situated in the basement of the Center

The society’s activities are conducted from a house in Itä-Pakila, which is referred to as the Center for Animal Protection. The Center can accomodate approx. 150 cats at one time and our dogs are kept at a shelter in Espoo. The Tramp Cat’s Flea Market is located in the garden where we accept donations of unwanted items that can be sold to raise funds for the animals we care for. Additionally, the society also has a pet cemetery located in the Central Park in Helsinki. Every two months the society arranges an open day at the Center when the public can meet the two and four-legged inhabitants of the house!

HESY rescues about 500 abandoned animals each year and gives them a new and better life