Aims / Mission Statement:


Animal Protection Society "Warm Paw" in Velika Kladuša is a non-profit, NGO founded for the protection and welfare of animals with regard to keeping, housing and feeding, protection from torture, protection of animals in times of killing or slaughtering, stress during transport, protection of wild animals, and proper treatment of stray animals, pets, farm and lab animals.

Overview Of Activities:


Protest against animal abuse

The goals of the Animal Protection Society: 

  1. Elimination of all forms of torture of animals by people, with full regard to animal rights, and a compassionate and sustainable way of cohabitation of animals with people, for the common good
  2. Breaking and eliminating prejudice in people about the danger for human health from stray and abandoned animals
  3. Changing the stereotypical opinion of a certain part of human population about the existence of constant danger to corporeal integrity of people by animals
  4. Promoting the right of life for animals
  5. Promoting non-violence toward animals, especially when it comes to minors
  6. Protection fo abandoned animals by securing their adequate housing in shelters or other places where adequate help and care shall be provided to them
  7. School walk against animal abuseProtection of animals that people breed, use or own (farm animals)
  8. Protection of all animals from individual cases of cruel treatment by people
  9. Protection of animals in the wild
  10. Protection of nature and the environment, and preservation of animal habitats in the sense of their sustainable and safe existence and survival
  11. Protection of endangered or protected species in their natural habitats, as well as protection during trade and use of exotic, endangered or protected animal species.  

Animal Protection Society "Warm Paw" in Velika Kladuša has become a legal entity by the Decision of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Administration of the Una-Sana Canton, number: 07-05-6149-UP-1/2011, registered in the Registry of societies of the Una-Sana Canton, book V, under the registry number 216.  Animal Protection Society "Warm Paw" Velika Kladuša exists since May 7, 2011. 


Details Of Activities:


World Animal Day 2012

Animal Protection Society "Warm Paw" in Velika Kladuša is a non-profit, NGO established with the goal of promoting animal rights, animal protection and improving animal welfare by continuous educational activities in schools and other institutions. "Warm Paw" created the project of pet registration campaign in Velika Kladuša and, together with the Veterinary Clinic Velika Kladuša, renovated the facilities for stray dog recuperation after sterilisation. Daily efforts concern taking immediate care of stray dogs and cats, adoption, taking care of farm animals, responding to animal abuse cases reported to the police, various media campaigns and many more.

In celebration of World Animal Day animal awareness programmes are conducted in schools involving discussions about the rights of animals, essays and the creation of posters.