Organisation Logo

Aims / Mission Statement:

  • to promote the prevention of cruelty to animals and relieve animal suffering;
  • to promote humane education programs;
  • to encourage respect and responsibility towards animals;
  • to provide legal animal protection.

The Society for the Protection of Animals Ljubimci is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization. It is managed by volunteers who are all led by the same idea of respect for animals, their welfare and rights. It was founded in March 1996, in the city of Pancevo, by a small group of concerned and enthusiastic animal lovers who were horrified by the general attitude of the authorities and ordinary people towards animals.

The Society for the Protection of Animals Ljubimci has about 450 members and there is an active core of 40, mostly young people who work as a team raising money, cleaning and building the shelter and promoting animal welfare issues.

Overview Of Activities:

In July 1997, The Society for the Protection of Animals “Ljubimci” opened a dog shelter with a capacity of 40 dogs. Since 1997, our organization has managed to rehome and vaccinate over 2000 animals, and to spay or neuter some of them.

We have organized four seminars with the aim to educate all workers in municipal departments, with speakers and trainers from WSPA, international animal protection organizations, European Union and from the State Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

We launched a spay/neuter program, in conjunction with the local veterinary stations and municipal department – which was the first animal sterilisation project in our country. We have also introduced an early spay / neuter program to the veterinary practices here.

”Ljubimci” SPA has a growing education program which consists of activities such as going into schools and universities and discussing with the students about the needs of animals, and forming small member groups of our organization within the schools.

Our work to help animals in Serbia is highly regarded and we are very proud to have become a well-respected and influential organisation in our country.

Details Of Activities:


Raising awareness on World Animal Day          Rehoming Day in Pancevo

Animal welfare education at Bratstvo-jedinstvo school

Rehoming Day in Pancevo