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Aims / Mission Statement:

Animal Friends Croatia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, established with the goal of promoting animal rights, animal protection and veganism as an ethical, ecologically acceptable and healthy lifestyle.


Overview Of Activities:

ZeGeVege festival is held every year on Zagreb's main square in September. The goal of the ZeGeVege Festival is to educate on the importance of sustainable living with a multitude of fun and entertainment. The ZeGeVege concept is such that anyone who visits it can find something interesting and spend pleasant time in this vegan oasis.Animal Friends Croatia has around 6,300 members, both in the country and abroad, and over 25,000 supporters. Since its inception, AFC has organized about campaigns and peaceful demonstrations that have focused on animal suffering in the food industry, experiment laboratories, fur farms, hunting and fishing, the entertainment industry, and promoting an ethical lifestyle.

As well as educating through public demonstrations, information stalls, lectures, films, protests, performances and more, the organization also lobbies for improvements to animal protection legislation.  

In order to realise our goals, Animal Friends Croatia campaigns in the following areas:

  • Animal breeding and exploitation for the nutritional needs of people or other animals
  • The fur industry; leather, wool, silk etc.
  • The use of animals in experiments
  • Animal breeding and cruelty involved in hunting and fishing
  • Animals in entertainment: circus, zoo, aquarium, hippodrome, dog racing etc
  • Exploitation and abuse of so-called ‘pets’ (dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, parrots and other birds, fish, turtles etc)
  • Protection of wild animals and the preservation of their natural habitat
  • Abandoned animals and the provision of shelters or other places where help and protection will be provided
  • Animals that are kept for breeding including pedigree dogs and cats
  • Animal cruelty
  • Promoting veganism
  • Lobbying for animal rights and welfare through improved legislation
  • Against using animals as objects of trade
  • Protection of endangered, exotic and protected species in their natural habitat, as well as protection of these species for the purpose of trade and exploitation.


Details Of Activities:


 Our stall in Graz during the Veganmania festival. We often hold stalls in Zagreb and other countries during similar festivals to promote animal rights and veganism.

 In April 2019, we held our third March for animal rights in Zagreb, Croatia. The march was the biggest so far with more than 500 participants. 
 On World Vegan Day (October 1), supporters of Animal Friends Croatia staged a peaceful demonstration to highlight that everyone makes their own choice about the food they eat. The goal being to remind everyone that eating animals and animal products is just a choice. ZeGeVege festival is held annually in September in Zagreb. The festival's goal is to educate people about the importance of sustainable living. The ZeGeVege concept is such that anyone who visits can find something interesting and enjoy themselves in this vegan oasis.