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Aims / Mission Statement:

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection's (LCRP) mission is to provide lifelong care for chimpanzees who are victims of Liberia's bushmeat and live pet trades and help drive dynamic strategies in the fight against chimpanzee trafficking and the conservation of wild populations.

LCRP achieves this mission through:

  • Believing the individual is paramount
  • Creating, managing and maintaining one or more chimpanzee sanctuaries for the long-term care of chimpanzees who have been orphaned, abandoned, confiscated or are in need of assistance
  • Playing a key role in the conservation of wild chimpanzee populations and their natural habitats
  • Developing, through public awareness programs, an understanding and appreciation for chimpanzees and other wildlife and their habitats
  • Believing in a holistic, total systems approach to the resolution of problems
  • Continually improving our technologies with regard to the captive care of chimpanzees and their protection in the wild
  • Ensuring that the captive population is managed in a way that will allow for reintroduction, if possible, to take place in the future

Overview Of Activities:

LCRP is actively working as part of a larger team of conservation partners in Liberia and is considered a key partner in the conservation of not only chimpanzees but other threatened wildlife, including the development of conservation action plans for chimpanzees and other illegally traded in wildlife in Liberia.

Some of LCRP’s current partners are:

• The Jane Goodall Institute USA
• Liberia Forestry Development Authority
• Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia
• EcoHealth Alliance
• Conservation International
• New England Primate Conservancy
• Veterinarians International
• Wild Chimpanzee Foundation

Why Our Work Matters

When orphans arrive at LCRP’s sanctuary, they are often traumatized and depressed. Just like humans who’ve experienced great loss and grief, some rescued chimpanzees rebound quite quickly while others take many months to brave the simplest of things. Every bit of progress is considered a milestone.

Located in one of the last strongholds for chimpanzees and their unique habitat, LCRP plays a key role in working with wildlife authorities and local communities in driving initiatives and leveraging support to protect and conserve wild individuals and populations. Our work directly impacts the capacity of wildlife organizations to
develop and implement conservation programs and encourage community involvement.

LCRP is Liberia's first and only coordinated chimpanzee rescue, protection, and conservation organization.

Details Of Activities:

Peggy - kept in a small cage as a 'pet' for years, now living freely with a chimpanzee family at LCRP Mira - LCRP, in coordination with wildlife authorities and police forces confiscates illegally held chimpanzees, critical to stopping the killing of wild chimpanzees
Rhinoceros and Kowura - former research chimps. Welfare and conservation are key priorities for LCRP Max - one of the many orphans rescued from Liberia's illegal bushmeat and live pet trades