• Telephone :+7 707 877 94 41 

    • Organisation :Kazakhstan Animal Rescue and Education (KARE) 

    • Address :Kazakhstan Animal Rescue & Education, 187 Tole bi, 75 Panfilov Street, Almaty, 050008, KAZAKHSTAN 

Organisation Logo

Aims / Mission Statement:

We promote responsible pet ownership and promote the humane treatment of all living creatures. KARE-Zabota is the first animal protection organization in Kazakhstan that actively carries out educational campaigns aimed at developing responsible pet ownership.

KARE-Zabota was established in June 2008 and during the first few years we conducted several campaigns and held events such as Dog Shows, Animal Music Concerts and united over 300 volunteers from all over Kazakhstan.

Details Of Activities:

Our goals and objectives:

  • Conducting special events and media campaigns aimed at raising awareness of responsible pet ownership,
  • Consulting people who witness cruelty towards animals, and the preparation of complaints to the police,
  • Elaboration of humane approaches in legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan related to domestic animals,
  • Veterinary care for stray animals and other help.


Animal Music – charity concert with main goal to attract people’s attention to different animal related problems, such as stray animals, irresponsible ownership, experiments on animals.

Dog show – event for cross-breed and mongrel dogs. The main goal of such show is to show the value of each dog irrespective of its origin.

Legal consultation – consulting witnesses of animal cruelty, assisting in writing complaints and submitting them to police.

Veterinary care and sterilization – financial support to the people who take care of stray animals in their neighborhood.