Aims / Mission Statement:

To improve the lives of animals in the Western Cape, South Africa. 

Overview Of Activities:

The Cape Animal Welfare Forum (CAWF) is an umbrella body of likeminded animal charities who network and assist each other in supportive roles to benefit the lives of animals.

The CAW Forum was established in 2006 and formalised in 2012 when the City of Cape Town requested that the movement become the official voice of animals in the welfare sector.  The meetings are held quarterly with the aim of improving the lives of animals served. 
Contact or the Secretary at

Karen de Klerk is the current Chairperson for the Cape Animal Welfare Forum and is an active participant in the work of the Coalition to Stop Live Animal Export (South Africa). 


Details Of Activities:

Moyo Ndukwana, CoGH SPCA CEO, and Karen de Klerk, CAWF Chair, at the World Animal Day Killarney Dog Walk in 2019  2020 Covid-19 feeding scheme sponsored by the City of Cape Town