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Aims / Mission Statement:

Animals Lebanon believes that we can make a better place for humans and animals. We focus on preventing problems before they start through wide scale TNR. While this will prevent much of the suffering which takes place, there will always be animals who need to be rescued and re-homed. Our shelter and adoption program gives these animals the care they need until they are found a permanent home. We also believe that everyone can and should be involved. We work to educate and empower all segments of society to ensure lasting change. Whether through education of school children or providing employment, we believe that everyone has a role to play, and together we will see the day when all people treat animals with the kindness and compassion they deserve.

Details Of Activities:

One of the main goals of Animals Lebanon is to carry out large scale TNR projects. We have met with government officials to encourage them to use TNR as the only safe, long term solution to reduce the stray animal population, and to persuade them to discontinue poisoning and shooting as a method of animal control.

We offer low cost or free vouchers for people who choose to have their pet spayed/neutered. If a person is caring for a feral or homeless dog or cat, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to to get the animal neutered. We offer trapping cages and can assist with safely trapping the animal or transportation to participating vets. Many animals we rescue cannot be released and need longer care in out shelter until they are eventually rehomed.

We work with schools to help students learn about animals and what they can do to help, and offer students a fun and educational way to get community service hours.

Animals Lebanon offers training to interested local vets. It is so difficult in Lebanon to continue with veterinary education and most vets need to travel overseas. By bringing in highly qualified foreign vets we are able to offer training which improves our programs as well as the overall level of care given to the animals of Lebanon.

Many cats on a university campus were saved from being poisoned through an aggressive and comprehensive TNR program.

Taking part in the Beirut Marathon is just one of the ways we involve the community in our work.

Just one of the many dogs and cats which we have rescued and placed in loving homes.

Animals Lebanon has offered training to local vets, flying in foreign experts from the US to teach new and different spay/neuter techniques.