Aims / Mission Statement:

Defend the rights of animals throughout the country Fight against animal abuse and mistreatment in every field Lobby for the introduction of animal protection legislation Fight against the trafficking of wild animals Oppose Zoos and the use of animals in Circuses Educate and raise public awareness of animal welfare issues in schools, colleges, universities, social clubs, etc Rescue and treat injured and abandoned animals Confiscate mistreated animals – domestic and wild

Overview Of Activities:

  • Ordinance against animal Circuses obtained.
  • Ordinance against Dog Fights obtained.
  • Ordinance for sterilisation of cats and dogs obtained.
  • ADDA-BOLIVIA was the first organization to sterilize female cats and dogs, with the help of Students from the University of North Carolina – USA.
  • Hunger Strikes – with the support of the media we: stopped dog massacres througout Bolivia, with integral solution proposals; suspended dog massacres in Cochabamba; obtained the revocation of a Wildlife Law Decree that would open free commerce of wild species (plants and animals).
  • Protest marches against mistreatment by the Municipal Authority and other protest activities against the use of animal fur.
  • We delivered 800 wild animals to the Natural Habitat Reserve.
  • The President of ADDA-BOLIVIA was honored and named as an official friend of the city of Cochabamba for founding the organization.

Protest Against the Municipal Dog Pound

Protest Against the Use of Fur – the “blood’ is fake and the animals are soft toys!