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Aims / Mission Statement:

Swaziland Animal Welfare Society (SAWS) is a registered non-profit organization established in 1960, dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals in the Kingdom of Swaziland, Southern Africa.  SAWS is a self-funded organization relying on donations from individuals, companies and donor organizations to fund its programmes.  Our governance structure is comprised of a Board, consisting of members including the Chairperson and seven members for effective decision-making and oversight as well as assisting in the day-to-day running of the organization.

  • To uphold the laws of Swaziland specifically the Cruelty to Animals Act 43/1963
  • Provide care for needy animals, including medical treatment and placement into caring homes where possible
  • Maintain 'Lost & Found' and 'Homes Wanted/Offered' registers
  • Promote education and awareness about animals
  • Hold rural veterinary clinics throughout the country
  • Assist local authorities in animal welfare matters


Swaziland is a landlocked country of 17,634 sq km (slightly smaller than the State of New Jersey) lying between Mozambique to the east and South Africa to the north, west and south, with a population of around 1.4 million.  The unemployment rate is very high and nearly 70% of the population live below the breadline. The HIV/AIDS infection rate is the highest in the world.

With challenges like these, together with the current economic climate, raising funds to maintain our facilities, undertake educational projects and clinics is extremely difficult.

Overview Of Activities:

We run 2 shelters with the aim of re-homing as many of the dogs and cats as possible into caring homes and providing veterinary assistance to many others.

We assist the Swaziland Government with manpower during their Rabies campaigns.

We have assisted the Ministry of Agriculture with the re-writing of the current Cruelty to Animals Law.

We are currently in discussion with the Veterinary Department, Municipal Councils and Police to find a humane solution to the overpopulation of dogs in the urban areas.

When funds allow, we organise rural spay/neuter clinics with the help of many volunteers, vets our staff and committee.

Details Of Activities:

SAWS is one of the two animal welfare organizations in Swaziland, and is the only organization which has been holding rural clinics in low income communities around Swaziland to provide spay/neuter and basic veterinary services for thousands of companion animals in need.   

A veterinary clinic was held recently in Masundvwini Community where 38 dogs and cats were spayed/neutered and a further 66 vaccinated, de-wormed and provided with basic veterinary care.  We also encountered 2 puppies which had had their tails ‘docked’ at home and these were successfully surgically repaired.  Several cases of TVT were also treated.

Campaign updates can be found here:

Images below:

First 3 images - Spay/neuter clinic in the north of Swaziland

Second 3 images - Proof that a little TLC and some good food can work wonders - just one of many abused, neglected and injured animals which are rescued, treated, restored to health and placed in a caring home by the dedicated SAWS staff.