Aims / Mission Statement:

SWAGH’s charitable objective is to promote kindness to all animals and improve animal welfare standards, and to use appropriate educational campaigns to achieve its objective. Animals that SWAGH concerns itself with include farm animals, companion animals, wild animals and laboratory animals.

Overview Of Activities:


The Society for the Welfare of Animals – Ghana (SWAGH) is an animal welfare organization formed by Martin Ujakpa Mabeifam.  It is a charitable, non-profit making organization that is supported by volunteers and receives no government funding.  When Martin is not spearheading SWAGH campaigns, he’s a Lecturer & Head of Academics at Ghana Technology University College, Ghana, West Africa.

Details Of Activities:

The work and activities of SWAGH are carried out by committed volunteer members who all play a crucial role in ensuring that the aims of the organization are fulfilled. Through the activities of SWAGH, most people in the Nkwanta District of Ghana now have knowledge about the basic needs and rights of animals. Also, most people who once held superstitious beliefs and negative perceptions about some animals are now beginning to appreciate their presence and importance of these animals in the Ecosystem. Images right: Clean up exercise activity that was undertaken by clubs members during WAD celebrations.

SWAGH has campaigned extensively in the Nkwanta District of Ghana and is developing ways of extending its work to other areas of Ghana. Currently, the organisation has six branches, five of which are within the Nkwanta District. The sixth branch is in Dodowa in the Dangme West District of the greater Accra Region.

All SWAGH’s campaign and operational activities are planned by its Executive Committee, executed by its Secretariat and promoted by its dedicated volunteer members.

Charity Role

The organization is non-profit making, operating along charity guidelines, and has been formed to supplement services already provided by public sector organizations and to fill in ‘Gaps’.

Image left: Club members marching though the streets of Nkwanta District capital in Ghana on World Animal Day.

Image right: Group of junior members of the SWAGH/NKC’S.






Image left: Dr Eric O Bempong (Nkwanta District veterinary surgeon), Mr I B Brown of the Nkwanta District Veterinary Services and Mr Amos T Ujakpa of the Ghana Education Service taking part in an operation to save a nanny goat that was having trouble giving birth.



Image right: An assembly of excited schoolchildren at Nkwanta English/Arabic basic school listening to an animal welfare presentation by Mr Amos T Ujakpa (adult club member).




Image left: Raising awareness of animal welfare issues to the local community in celebration of World Animal Day in the Nkwanta District. 




Image right: Martin Ujakpa at London Zoo with David Montgomery, researcher at London Zoo and head of Compass Education in the UK.




 Image left: Martin Ujakpa with Sid Jenkins (right), former Chief Inspector of RSPCA, and John Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Sheffield College. 




Image right: Martin Ujakpa with Sid Jenkins (Former Chief Inspector of RSPCA) at Whirlow Trust Farm in the UK.


Image left: Martin Ujakpa with the Farm Manager at Whirlow Farm Trust in the UK.






Image right: Martin Ujakpa at Chester Zoo with members of the Institute of Animal Care Education in the UK.





Image left: Martin Mabeifam Ujakpa with former RSPCA Chief Inspector Sid Jenkins at Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, Sheffield, UK.