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Aims / Mission Statement:

  • Rescue all types of animals
  • Release wild animals back to their natural habitats
  • Raise awareness among children and adults
  • Help improve animal welfare standards in zoos
  • Protect wildlife and the environment
  • Fight illegal trade in endangered species
  • Lobby against the breeding and selling of pets
  • Celebrate international events related to animals such as World Animal Day

Overview Of Activities:

Mau has been a team leader with Alexandria Turtle and Wildlife Rescue since 2014 and founded Mau's Rescue & Awareness in 2018. She's also been rescuing stray cats and dogs since 2008.

Mau holds educational sessions in schools, clubs, orphanages, cultural centres, libraries, zoos, social clubs, as well as creative workshops for children.

Turtles - Rescues seat turtles and releases them back to the sea after a period of rehabilitation if needed. Organized the first Turtles and Tortoises conference in Egypt which was hosted by the British consulate. Returned the Egyptian tortoise to its natural habitat after being totally extinct.

Foxes - Rescues foxes, rehabilitates them and releases them in a protected area. 

Stray dogs - Organise TNR projects for dogs in a protected area.

Awareness - Organise awareness lectures covering the following topics: pets - stray animals - sea turtles - tortoises - animal asistance therapy - zoo phobia - endangered species - biodiversity - marine life - marine pollution - migratory birds - cats - big cats - plastic waste. Print and distribute educational booklets and brochures.

World Animal Day - in 2017 Mau participated in the event being held by World Animal Day Ambassador Amina Abaza at the library in Cairo.

World Rabies Day - raise awareness in schools, clubs, vet clinics and hospitals. Provide rabies vaccine for humans. Distribute brochures and posters about rabies.  

World Wildlife Day - orrganizing a competition for school children related to the theme decided by the UN.

Beach Clean Ups - Organise 2 beach clean ups every year - one was held to mark World Earth Day which was sponsored by the British Embassy and Consulate.

Zoo - Volunteer at the zoo to clean and paint, bathe the animals, donate medication and materials needed.

World Environment Day and World Ocean Day In 2018, a group of workshops were held in schools to highlight the dangers of plastic in the oceans and why recycling plastic is so important. A game was played about rates of decompisition and the children were shown how to use plastic bottles to make a bird feeder. Image: workshop held at British School of Alexandria.

Facebook: Mau's Rescue & Awareness

instagram: mau.hamada

Mau also uploads fantastic videos to You Tube: mau hamada


Details Of Activities:

World Bird Migratory Day Pet awareness event at children's library
World Migratory Bird Day Pet Awareness Day at Children's Library

 Turtle workshop for children
Turtle Workshop for Children

Right: Earth Day Walkathon

Earth Day Walkathon
Children's Activities on World Rabies Day World Rabies Day at Animal Planet Clinic
 Children's Activities on World Rabies Day World Rabies Day at Animal Planet Clinic
'Beat the plastic pollution' workshop at British School of Alexandria to mark World Oceans Day