Aims / Mission Statement:

OUR VISION: A world where animals are treated with compassion and respect OUR MISSION: To create a caring and socially responsible society where animals are treated as sentient beings OUR MOTTO: Work Together for a Better Future for Animals and Humans

Overview Of Activities:

LAWCS is an animal welfare organization dedicated to transforming the negative attitudes and behaviors of people toward animals through interactive humane education programmes, and helping animals, especially those that are suffering. 

LAWCS is legally registered and accredited by the government of Liberia as a frontline organization in the fight against animal cruelty, environmental degradation, and human violence in Liberia. Liberia suffered years of exceptionally violence and traumatic civil war. The country is just recovering amidst almost overwhelming number of challenges including rampant abuse of animals and dysfunctional behaviors among the younger generation. LAWCS is committed to the recovery with a clear message of non-violence, character building, ending animal suffering and creating a just, caring and socially responsible society. 

Since the establishment of LAWCS, it has organized many different and exciting activities and programs for children. The interactive activities and programs reach and inspire over 15,000 children every year. LAWCS believes that education is key to ending animal cruelty and creating a just and caring society where animal and human welfare matter. It is important that children enjoy the process of learning as they are more likely to retain information and to associate these happy feelings with the animals that share our world. LAWCS therefore uses informal methods of teaching and to involve the children in drama and role play, discussions and debate, video shows, humane lessons, stories, games, animal welfare clubs, free vegan food, exhibition, media talk-show-all of which encourage them to form their own positive opinions and attitudes to the animals in their lives. These activities and programs enable children to gain a richer understanding of animals in our world and a sense of how they can treat them as fellow beings, with empathy, compassion, innate love and respect.  


  • Humane Education
  • Dog Bite Prevention/ Rabies Prevention Education
  • Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Veterinary Services
  • Vegan Outreach Program
  • Wildlife Protection
  • Environmental Protection


Details Of Activities:

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VEGAN 12 R 6
Vegan outreach Dog bite prevention and rabies education
Dog 7 sick 3
Free veterinary services
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Humane education in a primary school Dog bite prevention and rabies education
  Vegan outreach