Aims / Mission Statement:

We believe that all animals have basic needs which should be respected and protected; and they have the right to live free.

Overview Of Activities:

Our organization is working in very harsh conditions; civil war, disease, fear of attack and poverty which makes life a very difficult for citizens and even worse for animals. We dedicate our lives to protecting animals from cruelty and conserving the lives of animals throughout Sudan. Our community does not respect women and has no understanding of the needs of animals or the environment.

Sudanese Animal Care was established in 1985 and is registered with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs as an NGO. We operate a humane education programme to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and create respect for all animals leading to improved standards of care. We hold training courses, seminars and workshops: for people who use animals to pull carts; for farmers; to promote the benefits of vaccination and proper veterinary care for animals and; for animal transporters.

We have also created a network of groups of villagers who are friends to the animals in their area, both domestic and wild. We are currently encouraging the establishment of additional branches of our organisation and empowering them by providing training and support. We are in regular contact with the media who assist us by publishing information to further our aims and encourage membership of our organisation. We rely on annual membership subscriptions, donations and other contributions to meet our running costs.