Organisation Logo

Aims / Mission Statement:

Our aim is to encourage harmonious coexistence between human and animals and to see all animals treated with respect.

Overview Of Activities:

Most of the work that 'Together' conducts revolves around humane education to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues.  We also arrange for stray cats and dogs to be fostered while they are found new loving homes.  As we don't have a shelter, the animals are cared for in our homes and in private mini-shelters-houses where people keep more than 10 animals.

We actively promote the importance of sterilzing pets and have set up agreements with vet clinics to offer discounted rates to spay/neuter stray animals and pets owned by low-income citizens.  We are grateful to Naturewatch Foundation, UK, for co-funding our sterilization programme.

We assist caretakers with treating sick and injured animals: by agreeing discounts with vets; by providing financial aid; by rehoming the animals being cared for via rehoming events, our website and social networks.

We conduct educational events for children and adults to teach them respect and care for animals, produce leaflets, videos, participate in TV and radio programs to promote humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.