Aims / Mission Statement:

Our mission is to make a difference for all voiceless creatures. We: Promote Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation issues throughout the country by involving veterinarians Provide veterinary care to injured wild and street animals Provide free veterinary care and technical help to the poor farmers thereby helping them raise and care for their livestock humanely Enhance the network and international collaboration for conducting research related to Animal welfare, Conservation and Diseases in Bangladesh

Overview Of Activities:

Bangladesh Society for Protection of Animasl (BSPA) was launched in December 2009 by a group of young Veterinary Students and Veterinarians, with the sole mission of promoting animal welfare issues and conservation of wildlife in Bangladesh. BSPA is a non-profit, volunteer organization based at Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University. We aim to create a society without cruelty and suffering to animals (domestic, farm and wild).

Strengthening the community approach towards bat conservation:
Bats are the least studied and mysterious mammal group in Bangladesh. Our educational program to strengthen the community approach towards Bat conservation was launched in 2010. We conduct different educational, cultural programs to raise community awareness of Bat conservation through myths elimination. We have also conducted a roosting survey and a monitoring and health status survey of fruits Bats.

Amphibian conservation:
Amphibian populations are a globally threatened species around the world. We celebrate ‘International Save the Frog Day’ with the participation of veterinarians and veterinary students from various universities in order to raise community awareness awareness. We also prepare and distribute outreach material in native language (Bangla) to conduct the Frog education program.

Celebrating ‘Save The Frog Day’ at Chittagong Veterinary University

Education program to raise awareness of bat conservation among the children in Chittagong