Aims / Mission Statement:

To educate the public to understand that animals are sentient beings possessing a level of conscious awareness enabling them to feel pain and suffering, and humans have an ethical obligation to pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals ensuring their environment and conditions allow them to fulfill their natural behaviour and achieve a state of wellbeing. We also work to reduce tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke among young people through education.

Overview Of Activities:

Forests are being lost, fisheries overused and animal species are being exterminated here in the Congo. Such is the case in the Virunga National Park and in our local communities. In order to reach our goals we:

  • Provide reports, submit petitions and lobby to support or denounce environmental mismanagement;
  • Work with the authorities and local decision–makers to ensure they understand the environmental issues and plan sound, sustainable development and management;
  • Carry out humane education campaigns to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues and disseminate information on animal care to all generations. This is a key step towards developing empathy and love and rejecting violence towards all living things, including human beings.
  • S.E.A has been working since 2005 to save lives. At S.E.A we believe that in order for environmental activities to be successful in the long term, it must take root in the hearts and minds of the younger generation. With their participation, time will lead to good decisions.

Paul Lughembe feeding a rescued orphan pup

The image above is of the S.E.A. staff working with Game Rangers at Vitshumbi Post Patrol. They are discussing the grilled meat shown in the photograph that was found in a woman’s house along with the head of a lioness.

Animals deserve our compassion. If we are to succeed in ending human violence we must first end animal cruelty.