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Aims / Mission Statement:

Paw Foundation is a registered animal welfare organization in Bangladesh. Its government registration number is s-12427. The Paw Foundation works relentlessly to establish animal welfare and to create a humane society in Bangladesh. It is a non-profit organization and is fully reliant on public donations.

Our Vision - Advance the highest standard of animal welfare in all sectors in the country and educate people to create a compassionate society everywhere.

Our mission -Improving medical care facilities for injured street animals and establishes community based adoption. Advocacy to establish legal rights of animals according to government legislation and aware people about animal welfare by every means of educational/awareness building medium.

Overview Of Activities:

PAW (People for Animal Welfare) Foundation has been established countries first street animal rescue center at 2015. Lots of volunteers are rescuing and provides care of these animals from the beginning. We have established our own small animal veterinary clinic named PAW Life Care. This clinic provides veterinary care for pets in a very reasonable charges and raise fund for the treatment of street animals and for our rescue center.

PAW Foundation is the organization which is fighting against animal cruelty by implementing law. We have filed two police cases against animal cruelty here for the first time in Bangladesh and got the highest verdict according to the century old law titled “The Cruelty to Animal Act 1920”.

We are relentlessly working to educate people about animals and their welfare by arranging human chain, rally, educational events, media press conference, etc.

We believe that upgrade and implementation of government policies about animals in every sectors like- farm, laboratory, zoo, companion and mass awareness building program can change the present situation of the animals in Bangladesh. 

Details Of Activities:

   PAW Veterinary Clinic
 PAW street animal rescue centre  PAW veterinary clinic
First rally against animal cruelty in Bangladesh  Justice for animals in Bangladesh