Aims / Mission Statement:

MISSION: To improve animal welfare by promoting environment stewardship and sustainable living through the provision veterinary services, research, awareness, advocacy and policy. VISION: Making the world a desirable place for all beings. We envision All Creatures activities to cross borders in pursuant of Africa that cares for her animals.

Overview Of Activities:

Through our longstanding experience and dedication to the field of Africa domestic and wildlife, we have envisioned the role of All Creatures Animal Welfare League as a holistic national and regional driver for animal welfare through the promotion of responsible animal and environmental guardianship, a champion of sustainable living, biodiversity protection as well as advocating policy and legislation change through various collaborations with all stakeholders, relevant government departments but most importantly community empowerment. We seek to harness the strengths of scientific research, awareness and public engagement in addressing crosscutting issues like gender inequality, climate change and community livelihoods through locally practical advances in animal welfare science. Through our collaboration with the various interlinkages with pertinent areas of our concern, we aspire to contribute positively to the One Health Agenda of the region.

Details Of Activities:

Specific activities will include community veterinary clinics, rabies vaccination control, dog population, humane education, compassionate conservation, biodiversity protection and animal control and enforcement, veterinary training, legislation and policy advocacy and various complementary collaborations and partnerships. All our programmes and projects have a research and data management component to help in refining the approach for the best impact.