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A former professional dog trainer, Ryan founded the pet media company Total Pet Publishing ( in 2000. He has since launched titles such as K9 Magazine and Total Dog Magazine, but his most recent ventures have been very much animal welfare related. 



Details Of Activities:

He launched the UK dog adoption website in 2007 which has since gone on to help more than 50,000 dogs find new, permanent homes as well as which helps find homes for adoptable cats. Provided free at the point of use for charities, these services have helped to relieve the UK animal welfare sector of more than £1.8m of financial burden.
He has authored three books about dogs and frequently provides media commentary on canine welfare issues such as breed specific legislation, dog adoption and puppy farming. Passionate about domestic and international animal welfare causes, Ryan frequently writes about responsible pet ownership with the aim to help people improve their understanding of domestic pets as well as educating the public about the causes of dog attacks. and National Dog Adoption Month are both designed to educate the public as to the many benefits of adopting a dog. Both ventures have been successful in promoting a positive message about dogs in shelters and they encourage people away from the outdated ideas regarding rescue dogs somehow being 'inferior' to others.

Image: Ryan and Mia at the BBC on one of many media excursions to educate people about responsible dog ownership.