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Aims / Mission Statement:

To alleviate the suffering of animals, to improve the health and welfare of people and animals and to promote the human-animal bond through veterinary service and education.

Overview Of Activities:

For over 20 years, northern Uganda experienced conflicts and insurgency due to the war between the L.R.A and the Ugandan government. People were subjected to horrible atrocities, including the abduction of children as soldiers.  Although the war is now over, the wounds of trauma, poverty and frustration remain. The Big Fix Uganda has been devoted to improving the lives of the people and animals who live in this culturally rich and beautiful area since August, 2012 through offering the following free services.

Animal Birth Control:  spay/neuter of dogs and cats, including administration of a Trap-Neuter-Return program for feral cats.

Animal Health and Wellness:  vaccination against Rabies and Parvovirus, and providing treatment for various conditions.

Animal Welfare Education and Animal Cruelty Investigations: we teach people about kindness to animals, how to prevent diseases, how to groom & care for animals and provide intervention to ensure compliance with Uganda’s anti-cruelty laws through radio broadcasts, School visits and one-on-one training with animal guardians.

Animal Assisted Intervention: integration of a dog companionship program as part of psycho-social rehabilitation for war survivors suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Details Of Activities:

The Comfort Dog Project dog guardians (post war trauma survivors) training on how to walk their dogs on a leash.

Dog grooming lesson during a field clinic


Sterilization Field Clinic

Dog guardians lining up to receive vaccination certificates for Rabies during one of our veterinary field clinics.