Aims / Mission Statement:

The Mission of People for Animals Siliguri (PFA Siliguri) is to campaign for the ethical treatment and wellbeing of animals. We promote vegetarianism within society, preserve wildlife in its natural habitat, create compassion amongst children and create shelter for stray animals by promoting adoption.

Overview Of Activities:

PFA Siliguri carries out a variety of projects to improve the lives of animals, such as:

  • Monthly, free animal health check camps which includes a consultation with a vet, medicines, Rabies and FMD (foot & mouth disease) vaccination for dogs, cows, oxen, calves, buffalo, goats, pigs etc. 
  • Veterinary treatment and rescue operations for street animals - Including on-the-spot first aid for animals that have been injured in road traffic accidents and ongoining health checks until the animal is fully recovered. 
  • Educational programs to strengthen the bond between humans and animals.
  • Tackling incidents of animal cruelty and taking strict action against the perpetrators.
  • Rescuing wild animals that accidentally enter the vicinity of the city - Our members respond to reports of sightings, rescue the animals and then hand them over to the Forest Department who release them back into the wild. 
  • Organizing seminars for army personnel on animal First Aid.
  • Organizing seminars for the police to raise awareness and improve knowledge of animal protection legislation
  • Celebrating World Animal Day each year - since 2011.

In 2020 Sujoy was awarded a certificate by the United Nations for successfully completing a course about the international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora linked to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).



Details Of Activities:


 Awareness event  Free treatment at animal check up camp
Jacket wearing to stray dogs programme
 Awareness event  Jacket wearing - street dog programme
Wild animal treatment Leg operation done at a free animal check up camp
 Treatment of wild animals  Leg operation done at a free animal check up camp
  Animal protection law training for police
  Animal protection law training for the police