President & Founder 

    • Mobile No:+964 7504 581 805 

    • Organisation :Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection (KOARP) 

    • Address :Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection (KOARP), Duhok, Kurdistan Region, IRAQ 

Organisation Logo

Overview Of Activities:

A professional, independent, NGO working to protect the rights of animals:

  • providing free veterinary care including emergency aid to all animals with a particular focus on stray dogs and cats;
  • educating people to protect animals and the environment from disease;
  • raising awareness of animal welfare amongst owners of animals;
  • carrying out humane education programmes in schools;
  • protecting wild animals, improving their welfare by developing their survival conditions in order to protect Kurdistan’s environment and natural resources;
  • lobbying for the introduction of animal protection legislation;
  • working to reduce the number of stray animals by spaying and neutering;
  • providing suitable shelter and the necessary care for stray animals;
  • lobbying to end dog fighting, turkey fighting, and destruction of the environment and animals by using explosives/bombs/poison to hunt them;
  • providing veterinary services to people with a limited income who could not otherwise provide the necessary care for their animals;
  • helping and working with the Ministry of Education to create new programs of education covering animal welfare issues in order to ensure the next generation is well informed.


KOARP is the first and only organization in Kurdistan working in the animal welfare sphere. The organization is currently working in the following areas:

1.  Veterinary Services: providing a veterinary service to stray, abandoned, homeless and infected animals operated by volunteer vets. We are seeking to introduce two mobile veterinary clinics in the future.

2.  Legislation: Working with members of parliament to introduce general animal protection legislation including the introduction of a stray control programme.  Lobbying for the introduction of legislation to ensure Kurdistan’s zoo operates in line with the regulations and principles of modern zoos.

3.  Educational Program: we publish children’s education through newspapers, magazines, radio and television with a special focus on kindergarten, nursery and primary school. We also carry out training programmes for zoo staff and have published a book on how to raise, care for and handle domestic animals.

4.  Wildlife Protection: We are working to educate people against hunting through lecturing seminars, symposiums and posters.

5.  Shelters: building a shelter and sanctuary to shelter stray, abandoned, homeless and neglected animals.

6.  Animal Experiments: Monitoring animal experiments being carried our at the Veterinary Medicine College and Science College.

7.  Pet Adoption programme: operated by members and volunteers.

8.  Animal welfare monitoring:  in slaughterhouses, markets, zoo etc.


Education is one of our priorities which takes place in schools and at the zoo.

Education via newspapers, magazines, seminars and in the classroom

Many stray animals are rescued needing immediate veterinary care


An operation in progress                                        Participants in our education programme