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Aims / Mission Statement:

Asociación de Amigos de los Animales (AMA) was established in 1998 to alleviate the pressing need of an organization to look after the welfare of the animals in Guatemala. Without training or assessment, AMA (a non-profit organzation) started to help out the sick and/or wounded animals of Guatemala City. The association also strives to educate the population about responsible pet ownership.

Details Of Activities:

In 2007, AMA cared for 282 animals. The most common cases were dogs hit by cars or with dermatological problems, and cats and dogs with tumors or viral or bacterial infections. Never is an animal with the minimum chance of survival put under even when it represents to expend a lot of money in only one animal. They are treated as individuals and all of them deserve to live if there is a chance.

There is an underlying education problem in Guatemala City. People purchase animals without taking a moment to think if they have the time, space, and monetary power to care for them. For this reason, many pets end up abandoned, mistreated, or confined to a small yard or terrace where they do not receive proper attention and/or care.

There are two other major problems: animal overpopulation and exploitation. People, perhaps naïvely, force animals to reproduce and then sell the offspring in pet shops and sometimes in the street. Most of those animals are sick and die soon after being purchased. AMA raises awareness to stop animal trafficking and encourages spaying/neutering.

AMA presented an animal protection act to the Congress of the Republic. The Act, which has not been passed yet, aims to penalize animal cruelty.

Amigos de los Animales makes presentations and organizes relevant activities for schools; the purpose is to raise awareness about the pain and suffering inflicted by humans to animals. AMA sees animals in a different light. “We do not care what they look like or where they come from. We only care about their well-being and we hope to teach children, teens and adults that respect translates into a better country and an improved world.

At the Guatemalan Congress, delivering the proposed Act signed by 11,000 supporters.

Awareness-raising presentations for children and teenagers.

Sue with Free, one of the dogs that AMA rescued after a raid in a penal complex. Today, Free lives in a home by the sea with his new loving family.

Some of the volunteers that participated in the Event for Homeless Animals, an ISAR-promoted experience to raise awareness about pet overpopulation and to honor the animals who succumbed to human mistreatment.

When we found Sasha, a three-month old Cocker Spaniel, she was suffering from three different types of dermatitis.  After a lengthy and relentless treatment, her skin healed and she became a very hairy dog that was adopted into a loving home.


Madonna, an Old English sheepdog mix, used to live in the street and suffered from a venereal tumor.  She was treated with chemotherapy and then she was spayed. Some months afterwards (she was still living in the street) her skin developed an allergy to fleas and, due to her weak immune system she was stricken with the mange.   
Luckily, she was adopted while undergoing treatment. The picture on the left shows her in the street and in the picture on the right she has just left the beauty parlor after being spoilt by her new owners who love her to bits!

Sharing a little kiss and cuddle!