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Aims / Mission Statement:


Montego Bay Animal Haven was founded in 2009 when a group of friends and professionals joined forces to act collectively, rather than as individuals, to raise awareness of the plight of animals in Jamaica.

Overview Of Activities:


As the only rescue centre covering the north west of Jamaica, the Haven's primary aim is to help animals who are abandoned and starving; ensure they are medically fit, spayed or neutered, and then re-homed to responsible, loving new owners.

As we develop, we hope to offer subsidised, if not full funding, for those who cannot afford to spay and neuter their animals. We have been involved in a number of clinics in Montego Bay and Negril where hundreds of street animals have been spayed and neutered in the on-going battle to reduce the stray population.

And finally, we intend to educate; we are already spreading the message through the next generation by going into schools with some of our animals to teach youngsters the value and responsibility of animal ownership.

At present the rescue centre, which has re-homed some countless dogs, cats, horses and even goats, is operating from a private home; a situation which is far from ideal. In time we hope to generate enough support, financially and otherwise, to secure a more suitable site for the Montego Bay Animal Haven. One step at a time.... 

Details Of Activities:


2014-07-11 10.16.51
A nursing mum at one of our feeding stations. We treat them for worms, feed them up, and eventually win their trust so we can catch and spay them.   

20140404_082442We do rescue work and either get calls from the public or simply find the animals ourselves. Jamaica is fullof strays so there's a high rate of traffic accidents. Starvation is another big problem. This dog, names Hannah, although very skinny was actually OK and is now fit and healthy at the Haven and waiting for a home.

2014-05-16 11.18.59This image was taken at one of our free community spay clinics. We work with local vets and offer a free sterilisation programme and general health care for the people in the community to bring their animals to. All sorts of animals not just your regular dogs and cats!  

2014-05-21 11.17.06This is Flip, one of our special dogs who is paralised from the waist down. Flip now has the very important job of teaching the younger generation about the importance of looking after and sterilising pets. She also demonstrates that it's OK to be a bit different!