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Aims / Mission Statement:

The mission of Animal Welfare Issues (AWI) is to promote awareness and seek the truth of the plight of animals across the globe via the media. Animal Welfare Issues helps to highlight people and groups helping animals. AWI also incorporates undercover investigations about animals being abused and the people involved. Tina founded after years of working in the television and radio tackling tough topics to help educate viewers and listeners about the many issues affecting animals.

When Tina went to Louisiana in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina to help with the animals who were left devastated by one of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States, it became a turning point for her to use her media exposure to expand to a more global audience. Tina is about truth and creating awareness and accomplishes this by using the media and shares how animals are treated worldwide and right next door.

Overview Of Activities:

In 2008, she launched her television show, A Close Up Look at Animal Welfare Issues, dedicated to creating awareness of issues affecting animals around the globe. She has helped to promote local, national and international animal organizations on her program and in her articles. 

Here are a few of the topics she's covered: Factory Farming, Dog/Cat Fur Industry, Puppy Mills, Pigeon Shoots, TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return for cats),Tim Zimmerman - Associate Producer/Co-Writer for Blackfish was on her show to talk about the truth of SeaWorld, Greyhound Racing - Michael Vick, and Politicians have been her guests to speak about animal legislation. Adam Roberts, Born Free Foundation President, once called from Thailand to be a guest on her show which is seen around the world. 

Tina also: writes articles for a newspaper website (Reading Eagle) on topics related to animals, gives speeches and has been a keynote speaker, has been a guest on radio programs and other television shows including being asked to be a "Newsmaker" on a news show, Comcast Newsmakers, regarding Pennsylvania's new Dog Law.

In 2005, Tina traveled to Slidell, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina to report and do a story about the animals affected by the devastation.  Her story was covered by a television news station, radio station and a newspaper. She volunteered her time with Noah's Wish to help with the animals they had which was in excess of 1,000. Her time spent there had a profound effect on her. The people were so grateful that others came from all 50 states and Canada to volunteer their time to help them.  

She takes part in rallies in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to show support for important animal legislation that is very badly needed to make animals' lives better.  She helped with the wording of Pennsylvania's gas chamber bill which would outlaw the use of gas chambers in animal shelters in Pennsylvania which did become law ans she continues to help promote animal protection legislation. She has attended and reported on hearings and trials of numerous animal abusers. Her interview with one of the brothers who shot and killed 80 of their puppy mill dogs was the first to be published on the internet where the article went viral around the world. The brother, Elmer Zimmerman didn't grant interviews to anyone until he went to meet the people who held a candlelit vigil for the dogs. People were finally able to see who Zimmerman was.  

AWI also incorporates undercover investigations about animals being abused and the people involved. She is currently working on promoting Libre's Law which will create stiffer penalties to those who commit animal neglect/abuse. Libre is a puppy mill puppy who was at death's door when he was rescued. Miraculously Libre survived but no charges were brought against the puppy mill owner originally. He was subsequently charged but with only a slap on the wrist. She is also currenlty involved in two undercover investigations - one revolves around an animal rescue and the other involves a puppy mill farmer. 

Tina was able to get Crime Alert Berks County to give a reward for information leading to arrest of the person who threw this dog, BJ, from a fast-moving car. The perpetrator has not been found.

Tina partaking at a rally on the Capitol Steps in Harrisburg, PA

This is Libre, the puppy mill puppy who was left for dead and is now the impetus for Libre's Law to create stiffer penalties for animal neglect/abuse.

In Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Over 1000 animals were given a safe place to stay at this makeshift shelter. Tina helped in every aspect of the operation-from triage to walking the dogs and her story was on the news.