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Aims / Mission Statement:


A continent that respects all animals providing them with care and compassion in policy and practice


To unite animal welfare organizations across the continent building leadership and capacity for collective advocacy

Overview Of Activities:

Tozie is helping to connect Ambassadors throughout the African continent and aiding the appointment of Ambassadors in African countries that are not yet represented.

Who we are:

Coalition of African Animal Welfare Organisations (CAAWO) is a membership organisation that brings together animal welfare organisations across Africa, providing a platform for collective voice to advocate for cross cutting animal welfare issues. CAAWO is registered as an international non-governmental organization. Its secretariat is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Strategic approach

We focus on the following approach:

  1. As a platform, we provide space where animal welfare organizations, groups and networks build a collective voice on animal welfare advocacy and action.
  2. As a portal, we have established CAAWO as a reference point for animal welfare standards through research, provision of knowledge and technical capacity for the members across Africa and the world.
  3. As a network, we build strong links between animal welfare organizations at local, national and regional levels.
  4. As a linkage for the continent, we strengthen collaboration with governments, inter-governmental organisations, research institutions and non-traditional drivers of change in animal welfare.

 Our strategic directions:

  1. Strategic advocacy; to ensure the creation, improvement, implementation and enforcement of animal welfare policies, laws and regional instruments through strategic advocacy
  2. Education and awareness; to gain societal awareness and support for animal welfare through African value-based resources, education and media
  3. Capacity building and leadership development; to strengthen CAAWO through building capacity of its members in leadership and advocacy
  4. Organizational development; to build a credible Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance through the development of effective structure, systems, resources, coordination and communication.

Details Of Activities:

To achieve the strategic directions outlined above, some of CAAWO's activities include:

  • Building members capacity through conferences and regional meetings;
  • Advocating for support in the development of animal welfare in Africa;
  • Carrying out research, analysis and documention of international animal welfare best practice, and available skills and resources
  • Developing and producing targeted humane education resources;
  • Carrying out country reports on the status of animal welfare in Africa;
  • Identifying, developing and recording best practice in priority areas in animal welfare;
  • Developing CAAWO's information and capacity to support CAAWO members in their national advocacy work;
  • Developing CAAWO website and other communication channels.


Membership is drawn from registered animal welfare organisations. The benefits of being a member include; networking, information sharing, capacity and synergy building.

To join CAAWO, please get in touch.