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An update on our World Animal Day mini-grants!

Each year, we run a grants scheme for projects run by our ambassadors around the world to offer them some funding to cover specific work. This year, alongside our two main winners we were delighted to be able to give two mini-grants to organisations that we knew would optimise the use of the donations to deliver positive change for animals around them.

Both are well established and already do great work to help animals, but due to the last two challenging years were very grateful to receive these mini-grants.

We recently caught with them both and would love to share with you what they have been working on so far.


You can see all four of our 2021 grant winners here

Asociación para la Defensa de los Derechos de los Animales, Bolivia
Asociación para la Defensa de los Derechos de los Animales, Bolivia (The Association for the Defense of Animal Rights) are a non-profit voluntary association that was founded in Bolivia in 1995.

Some of their main aims include the rehabilitation of injured and abused domestic animals, as well as assisting in the rescue of wild animals.

world animal day

Upon receiving the World Animal Day mini-grant, ADDA Bolivia got to work quickly, using the funds for important projects that had both direct and indirect positive impacts on the animals they set out to help.

They printed two banners, one focusing on the plight of wild animals and the other covering the importance of caring for domestic animals.

This messaging was expanded upon within the 1,000 leaflets ADDA had printed, packed with information about wild animal trafficking and responsible animal ownership care-giving.

world animal day The organisation didn’t stop there, using the grant to also cover dog-feeding operations, neutering, transport and the veterinary care required by a puppy in need. The remaining funds may be used in a similar way- to help one of the many animals that ADDA provide care to.

ADDA Bolivia have been taking a firm stance on the treatment of animals for 26 years and were very grateful for the funds that played an important role in the difficult year of 2021.

Swaziland Animal Welfare Society

Swaziland Animal Welfare Society is a non-profit organisation that aim to promote the welfare of animals in Swaziland. 

world animal day

SAWS helps to rehome animals – providing transport, accommodation, food and veterinary care to those who need it. 

SAWS helps to rehome animals – providing transport, accommodation, food and veterinary care to those who need it. 

SAWS also aim to provide education and raise awareness on how to properly care for animals and help to run clinics to provide services such as the administration of rabies vaccinations.

SAWS is committed to protecting animals and believes that it is important to use educational materials to increase awareness to improve their lives. In the past they have run in-person workshops and often hand out educational materials.

world animal day

In September, using their World Animal Day mini-grant, SAWS were able to print 10,000 educational leaflets full of information on how to properly care for animals.

They organised to have 6500 leaflets printed in English and another 3500 in siSwati. They feel that the information provided on the leaflets is very important as it has the potential to improve basic knowledge about animal care, which is particularly valuable in rural areas.


They have begun to distribute these leaflets already and have so far supplied five private veterinary practices, six Government Veterinary Clinics, six Municipal Councils, five Sundry contacts and have restocked the society’s two shelters.

Each leaflet has the potential to reach five people, so it is hoped that the benefits of this grant could reach up to 50,000 people! In these difficult times, the leaflets are a valuable source of information and SAWS is very grateful for the support.

Due to your generosity, Naturewatch Foundation are able to continue supporting important projects such as this, through the World Animal Day grant scheme. Over the years, this scheme has had a big impact on animals in different parts of the world.

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