An interview with World Animal Day Ambassador, Ashima Sunil (India)

Ashima Sunil is from Ghaziabad’s branch of People For Animals (PFA) in India and has been an Ambassador for a whopping 15 years! Ashima is a true hero to animals in need — she rescues injured and abandoned street animals, nursing them to health in PFA’s shelter. She also rescues animals forced to perform by snake charmers and animal trainers.

Tell us more about your organization…

“We work independently in the Ghaziabad & Noida areas of northern India and our shelter is in Uncha Amipur. We rescue injured or abused animals and work with the Forest Department to save wildlife — we recently released two monkeys into the wild with their help.”

What challenges do you face everyday?

“Some people here take animal cruelty too lightly and hit animals frequently. The problem worsens when it becomes difficult to punish offenders due to corruption.

Also, our shelter is completely dependent on donations and we spend a lot of money fighting each cruelty case — so financial problems are always there.”

How does World Animal Day help your cause? And what will you be doing to celebrate this year?

“It helps to draw more attention towards our campaigns and more people then get involved.

This year we have to spend most of our time feeding stray animals. They’re currently entirely dependent on garbage dumps, and garbage is not being dumped due to many street cleaners being in lockdown. We’re finding many animals that are starving, so we must go out to feed and vaccinate them.”

What have you done in previous years?

“We teach school children about animal welfare and organise awareness campaigns. Some years we have gone out to stop overloading on tonga and ox carts.”

What’s your favourite thing about World Animal Day?

“This day is dedicated to our furry friends. It’s a special time to meet each other and work to improve animal welfare.”


Find out more about Ashima's work with People for Animals (Ghaziabad).