An interview with World Animal Day Ambassador, Dr. Sulaiman Tamer (Kurdistan)

Dr. Sulaiman Tamer is a veterinarian who grew up with his father’s farm animals. He’s an important part of KOARP (Kurdistan Organization For Animal Rights Protection) and in 2009, he started the first non-governmental organisation for animal rights in Iraq. It was also the year he became an Ambassador!

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your work?

“We face many challenges every day, but the main five are:

  • Negative attitudes toward animals
  • The absence of animal right laws
  • Controlling stray animal populations
  • Hunting
  • And finally, raising the funds to do all of that!”

How does the celebration of World Animal Day help your cause?

“World Animal Day is the best way to share our message with the whole world. It helps to publicize our activities and media coverage helps us immensely.”

How do you plan to celebrate World Animal Day this year?

“COVID-19 has altered our plans slightly, but we’ll celebrate World Animal Day by vaccinating stray dogs and treating sick animals.”

What’s your favourite thing about World Animal Day?

“Having our activities published on the World Animal day website helps to spread our message.”


Visit the KOARP website to find out more.